Limited to max 8 skeins per person  最大8カセまでご注文いただけます

【Pre-order③】LJP Sock Set - mystery

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LJP Sock Set - mystery

100g skein + 20g mini skein on our mystery colors.

Each set contains different colors and bases.

I will provide mainly Daily Sock base.

The images are not the colors of this product . 

Note: Limit  3 sets per person in order to deliver to more people who wants. 

100gと20g のソックセットになります。


おそらく DailySockがメインになる予定です。






Daily Sock 75% superwash Merino 25% Nylon  425m/100g

Daily Sock mini 75% superwash Merino 25% Nylon  85m/20g